Saturday, 24 November 2012

Welcome to Galway


I'm sorry for my such late'ness on this post ! 

Galway! that is all you need to say this place seems to be like quicksand you just get stuck here and get sunk down into the beauty of the place!
its a smallish fishermen town 
a buskers haven 
coloured street walls and cool shop corners
pubs that open @ 10:30am? {what the duck}
it is true the Irish do love there drink!

right now! we have a Christmas market in our little park square, in the center of town 
i have never seen so many fairy lights!!
there are rides and stalls, mulled wine and all that merry cheer!!

So my home for the passed 2 weeks {i think?}
have been 
"The Galway City Hostel"
This home of mine has been such a wonderful thing indeed!
the clock from our Bridge {its really a balcony i dont know why we call it a bridge?} 
is always 6 o'clock
so for some reason we just think that its super okay if we are out there dancing singing playing music even if it is brecky time  we just look at our clock and think nah its only 6 O'clock :)
[were such idiots]

i really wanted to post some videos but the dam thing didnt work next time


 Thee Alaska Brothers ^^^

 Shop Street ( busker haven )

 Its always 6 O'clock

 Deb & Simona

The Boys Doing What They Do!


 Mariko :)


Jamie-Adian-Flower[she will kill me for this photo shhh]- Ronnie

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