Saturday, 24 November 2012

Welcome to Galway


I'm sorry for my such late'ness on this post ! 

Galway! that is all you need to say this place seems to be like quicksand you just get stuck here and get sunk down into the beauty of the place!
its a smallish fishermen town 
a buskers haven 
coloured street walls and cool shop corners
pubs that open @ 10:30am? {what the duck}
it is true the Irish do love there drink!

right now! we have a Christmas market in our little park square, in the center of town 
i have never seen so many fairy lights!!
there are rides and stalls, mulled wine and all that merry cheer!!

So my home for the passed 2 weeks {i think?}
have been 
"The Galway City Hostel"
This home of mine has been such a wonderful thing indeed!
the clock from our Bridge {its really a balcony i dont know why we call it a bridge?} 
is always 6 o'clock
so for some reason we just think that its super okay if we are out there dancing singing playing music even if it is brecky time  we just look at our clock and think nah its only 6 O'clock :)
[were such idiots]

i really wanted to post some videos but the dam thing didnt work next time


 Thee Alaska Brothers ^^^

 Shop Street ( busker haven )

 Its always 6 O'clock

 Deb & Simona

The Boys Doing What They Do!


 Mariko :)


Jamie-Adian-Flower[she will kill me for this photo shhh]- Ronnie

Thursday, 8 November 2012


One Hostel
Brick formed

A town of colours & packed of buskers
a row of pubs as far as you can see


A man smiles @ me gives the old thumbs up
even with his no front teeth and long as beard
he rocked his cool'ness well!


A pie shop, named
The Pie Maker
A great roast beef pie
A happy smile
A free Tea when i left because she
said it would make her day
"Thanks man" i said and waved
as i left and walked out in the pouring rain!


A meet of amazing people back at the hostel
Its filled with buskers, artist's, writers, dancers
& wonderful
 Joy bringers!


A balcony filled with happy foke!
3 guitars, a harmonica, some voices rolling  
into a tune & a stamp of a few feet just coz we can!


 Tried a Guinness and got to keep my glass
As the bar tender said " It's on me Love, welcome to

I wanted to high five him but i couldnt holding
my glass, so i smiled my great thanks and
said " Your the best!"
and then jump out on the dance floor!

{yes, i did do the shopping trolley!}

I dont have any photos {poo}
but i was to excited to wait!
but I'll post some soon
of the little place of


Tuesday, 30 October 2012


We Hunted, We Scouted, We Searched high, We Searched Low
we were not going to snap our cameras if we saw it 
no matter the million pound offer if we did captured it!
Just wanted to see it and say a good old G'day maybe even a little pat on the shoulder
and just say "good job buddy, you play one good game of hide and seek i think your the 
Best of The Best That Could Ever Bee!"
we would most likely high five in some sort way. and then go our
different ways.

The Miss Loch ness Monster or as the Locals say Nessie!!


Urquhart Castle 
it sits on the edge of the Loch once large and stunning strong and sturdy
 Is now in ruins it got blown up in 1692 by some guy, it was one of those lines
"if i cant have my castle then no one else can either"
well there was more to it but you get the drift.

It was stunning it was spectacular it was a sight i will never forget 
the photos do not do it justice!  

 Nessie's home ^

 a lost garden in Inverness ^

~ We watched man fly fish ~
~ we watched massive sea gulls fly around crazy ~
~ danced in the colored leaves ~
~ enjoyed the garden beauty of Inverness Scotland ~

  were back in Edinburgh!
I leave for the hustle and bustle of the city of London!
on the 2nd of November!



Went to my first! Halloween party  was completely 
Ugly, so very gruesome, Dead, Bloody, and so very 


Trick Or Treat.......

( we didnt find Nessie - oh rats! )

Monday, 22 October 2012


So somewhere in between Perth and Inverness 
I found a beauty that made my eyes stay glued and my face stuck to
the bus window.
The mountains and cliff faces as high as you could see before fog a company's
them above, The trees smother the mountains and around the river streams below with all the colours of Autumn, rich reds and golds and touches of orange.
meadows come and go filled with cute cows and black face sheep with stone made fences  the sky lays gray but it just gives it an all more spectacular seen.
the hour and ahalf from the town Perth to the town Inverness where we shell stay, I did not move 
but gasp out loud with amazement it looked to beautiful to be real, but it was! and we were driving through the highlands of Great Mighty Scotland! and i cant stop smiling at the fact! 

So Fiona and i have hit Inverness!!1 {yay!}
going to see Nessie Tomorrow can not wait!

{ these photos are of Edinburgh my camera was in the bottom of the bus so up load Inverness soon}

 So right here is a young girl chasing a Squirrels its that funny furry thing before that tree ^ it was so funny to watch!

Thursday, 18 October 2012

"FEELING GOOD no scratch that GREAT!"

The Sun came out and so did the people the cobbled streets were filled with the most strangest of sorts 
I saw a man floating of the ground, a woman that had more piercings on her face then she had skin, a man swallowed a balloon, i saw a old man in a wheel chair playing spoons, a dude dressed like brave heart and a red haired bearded fellow get tided in a straight jackets then chained and locked with a key then... become free!!
Such crazy'ness!! but such utter fun i loved every seeing  ounce of odd'ness 

I went to the Edinburgh Castle today and wow it was amazing so much medieval stuff
I also found out that if you where a wife in the old days 
your husband found you to be a tad whinny or annoying the wife would be
put in this strange head mask contraption and it goes over you face and a metal bar gets shoved in ya mouth
then with a rope that is attached someone pulls ya down the street laughing and throwing food
how crazy! there where many other weird rules but that was one that i found the most silly of all 
{ poor whinny wifey-poos }

This is the fire in my Hostels Lounge^

My Time in Edinburgh will be ending most shortly I leave Monday for Inverness its a spot up in the Highlands near the Lochness {hell's grand!} 
But i will not be doing this journey alone, Fiona is coming along with me we met 
two days ago { haha } but that's what makes it such fun
she is funny as Fruit and Rad as ever she is also a True Blue Aussie so bring on
the Highlands!!!! 

This is the Royal Mile my home for now its the the door with the stairs going up^

My Kitchen Window^

This was on my Bus ride here completely gob smacking awesome !!! ^

So I'll speak to you soon, Hot Chocolate is Calling me !!


{ p.s I will add more photos soon !!! - promise!! }

Wednesday, 17 October 2012


 Brick Lane is one of the best vintage flee markets i have ever seen!!{i am telling anyone who has never been your missing out on a whole lot of joy!- you must go if you can}  I was in love. If i was a cartoon my eyes would off done that 3D zoom thing from my eye-balls, I have never seen such amazing stuff. The streets they were filled with people not a car could get through there was not one is sight there were buskers, dancers,  hot food sellers,  people dressed as pirates {okay,only one guy}
there's cool vintage fashion, old school stuff,  new school stuff,  just anything you would need is there to barter for ... so cool! {oh, Brick lane is still London}

I'm writing to you from Scotland. I like Scotland reminds me strangely of another home somewhere. The green land and big cliffs and hills you can stand in a street and see castles on your right and a new'ish church on your left you have hills in front of you and cobbled stones below your feet it is stunning and filled with such beauty!  everyone here is so funny and super friendly the Scott's sure know how to laugh, i have never seen so many kilts in one place for sale and on people i get a wired cheeky smile every time i see it i don't know why :)  I have been here not all to long maybe 3 days and i have struck a cold BLAHahah!!! that is what i think of it so i haven't really explored all to much really
just been reading books by the fire @ my hostel the Royle Mile
its this tiny cute little place there is only probably 12 rooms it feels more like a home everyone knows everyone and its really relaxing so i don't have much to report for Scotland as of yet but hot cups of tea,  warm soup, tissues and  vicks nasal stick spray { hahaha i sound so yucky } but that's cold weather for you :)

well i shell talk to you soon up North in the Highlands of Scotland !! {woop-woop}

{p.s photos of Scotland will be posted shortly so below is some of London but mostly Brick Lane!}


This is a game they played in Brick lane it is kinda like pool but with no sticks so you use you hands instead, people bet big and they yell loud!>

 These where my London buddy's :)>
The sky in Oxford St London super crazy! >