Wednesday, 17 October 2012


 Brick Lane is one of the best vintage flee markets i have ever seen!!{i am telling anyone who has never been your missing out on a whole lot of joy!- you must go if you can}  I was in love. If i was a cartoon my eyes would off done that 3D zoom thing from my eye-balls, I have never seen such amazing stuff. The streets they were filled with people not a car could get through there was not one is sight there were buskers, dancers,  hot food sellers,  people dressed as pirates {okay,only one guy}
there's cool vintage fashion, old school stuff,  new school stuff,  just anything you would need is there to barter for ... so cool! {oh, Brick lane is still London}

I'm writing to you from Scotland. I like Scotland reminds me strangely of another home somewhere. The green land and big cliffs and hills you can stand in a street and see castles on your right and a new'ish church on your left you have hills in front of you and cobbled stones below your feet it is stunning and filled with such beauty!  everyone here is so funny and super friendly the Scott's sure know how to laugh, i have never seen so many kilts in one place for sale and on people i get a wired cheeky smile every time i see it i don't know why :)  I have been here not all to long maybe 3 days and i have struck a cold BLAHahah!!! that is what i think of it so i haven't really explored all to much really
just been reading books by the fire @ my hostel the Royle Mile
its this tiny cute little place there is only probably 12 rooms it feels more like a home everyone knows everyone and its really relaxing so i don't have much to report for Scotland as of yet but hot cups of tea,  warm soup, tissues and  vicks nasal stick spray { hahaha i sound so yucky } but that's cold weather for you :)

well i shell talk to you soon up North in the Highlands of Scotland !! {woop-woop}

{p.s photos of Scotland will be posted shortly so below is some of London but mostly Brick Lane!}


This is a game they played in Brick lane it is kinda like pool but with no sticks so you use you hands instead, people bet big and they yell loud!>

 These where my London buddy's :)>
The sky in Oxford St London super crazy! >

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