Wednesday, 10 October 2012


 {above you^ this is a Little taste of Camden i have a zillion photos from here i making a little thing so you will see more of this amazing Punk, Arty, So Bloody Radical-stuff, You Wont Be Abel To Breath To Carm Yourself Down- Coming Soon! }

 So I learned that not only are London peeps Awesome there so god-dam nice! eg. i was walking down a wonderful street my head was up staring at the oldest buildings i had ever seen sun was shining- life was good :) when out of the corner of my eye i see a man on the ground asking for money he looks at me his eyes kinda sad he had a green ratted blanket around him a little tin in front of him he turns to me "do you have change mam?" knowing i had little money with me and time was precious to get too my bus i said " no sorry" {okay, i could of said yes, but you know what i mean sometimes you just       say no- any who}  he replied with " that's okay mam have a pleasant day and i hope all the goodness comes your way" so i smile back saying "thank you" as i leave i walk little way feeling so good from this mans phrase and then i feel so awful for not giving him money. but by now im in a bright red bus getting sucked in with what is the Art of London. I soon get off and i run into a man he smiles at me and tells me if i was interested with saving this dolphin it had a long name and looked like a unicorn of some sort, but i was keen to hear what he had to say, he ended up telling me more about his travels in Australia and how he traveled in a mini van and fell in love with our beautiful land,{but of course i didn't mind hearing his story's}  then a friend of his come over and then before i new it they offered me a job helping them with the Dolphins, i said i would think about it they gave me there number.

So to that all i can say is Go Peace !!'n' save the Dolphins with the large Horn heads :)

 See this half eaten sang'a ^ it was a toast and cheese  price 2 pounds and it well.. had ONION!... is that normal?   Let me know because i was .. shocked in the matter!.... but in saying that i did eat it, well almost all of it.  The potato things came with it they were tastie i have to say!

 { It was Stunningly Large.. P.s I ran through this water fountain not on purpose it wasn't on when i was walking on the path my head was looking up instead of down and  then i got wet... and thought well Crap so i might have squealed .. a little .. then ran out of it a tad embarrassed and feeling quiet stupid ;}
\ but hey it happens :)

 Much Love xx

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  1. Zoe! You ate onion? I'm proud :)
    Woah girl you move fast - a job offer already!
    Looks so awesome man, love it