Tuesday, 2 October 2012


 If only i got to experience the feeling of Woodstock. Something about "hippies" makes me smile, They are so Free there is nothing holding them back from being themselves, the thought of so many people together, know matter who they are, there all together for the same thing. To be happy, To be Free, To live life how ever they want to be. and be surrounded by such good music! 

 So.. i don't have a time machine {bugger!} or a magic gene {Oh,poo} to grant me a wish and make my little Hippie Woodstock adventure come true. 
So I've decided to do it a more realistic way. {but by, Gosh! wouldn't a magic gene be cool} 
I'm going to Travel~Backpack and see the world how i wanna see it, eat what i wanna eat and do whatever comes my way.
EUROPE is my destination! and i cant wait to get that little taste of Freedom for myself to get lost among city's and country's, camping grounds and old cobbled streets. too meet as many people as i can because that what its all about! 
Everything i need will be strapped to my back and everything i want is free for me to do and see!

It wont be Woodstock but it will be my own Adventure, and i think that's going to be a bit more exciting! {even if i wont have a VW mini van} :)

I cant wait !! soon ill be posting news of London! My first stop in my many adventures :) Wooo-Whoo!!


  1. Awesome Zo ! I can't wait to see where life takes you! You go, you hippy lady you!!

    Rach x

    1. Thanks Lady , hey now that you have commented does that mean i am following you on my Blog i still cant understand all that jazz!! miss ya woman xox