Monday, 22 October 2012


So somewhere in between Perth and Inverness 
I found a beauty that made my eyes stay glued and my face stuck to
the bus window.
The mountains and cliff faces as high as you could see before fog a company's
them above, The trees smother the mountains and around the river streams below with all the colours of Autumn, rich reds and golds and touches of orange.
meadows come and go filled with cute cows and black face sheep with stone made fences  the sky lays gray but it just gives it an all more spectacular seen.
the hour and ahalf from the town Perth to the town Inverness where we shell stay, I did not move 
but gasp out loud with amazement it looked to beautiful to be real, but it was! and we were driving through the highlands of Great Mighty Scotland! and i cant stop smiling at the fact! 

So Fiona and i have hit Inverness!!1 {yay!}
going to see Nessie Tomorrow can not wait!

{ these photos are of Edinburgh my camera was in the bottom of the bus so up load Inverness soon}

 So right here is a young girl chasing a Squirrels its that funny furry thing before that tree ^ it was so funny to watch!

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