Thursday, 18 October 2012

"FEELING GOOD no scratch that GREAT!"

The Sun came out and so did the people the cobbled streets were filled with the most strangest of sorts 
I saw a man floating of the ground, a woman that had more piercings on her face then she had skin, a man swallowed a balloon, i saw a old man in a wheel chair playing spoons, a dude dressed like brave heart and a red haired bearded fellow get tided in a straight jackets then chained and locked with a key then... become free!!
Such crazy'ness!! but such utter fun i loved every seeing  ounce of odd'ness 

I went to the Edinburgh Castle today and wow it was amazing so much medieval stuff
I also found out that if you where a wife in the old days 
your husband found you to be a tad whinny or annoying the wife would be
put in this strange head mask contraption and it goes over you face and a metal bar gets shoved in ya mouth
then with a rope that is attached someone pulls ya down the street laughing and throwing food
how crazy! there where many other weird rules but that was one that i found the most silly of all 
{ poor whinny wifey-poos }

This is the fire in my Hostels Lounge^

My Time in Edinburgh will be ending most shortly I leave Monday for Inverness its a spot up in the Highlands near the Lochness {hell's grand!} 
But i will not be doing this journey alone, Fiona is coming along with me we met 
two days ago { haha } but that's what makes it such fun
she is funny as Fruit and Rad as ever she is also a True Blue Aussie so bring on
the Highlands!!!! 

This is the Royal Mile my home for now its the the door with the stairs going up^

My Kitchen Window^

This was on my Bus ride here completely gob smacking awesome !!! ^

So I'll speak to you soon, Hot Chocolate is Calling me !!


{ p.s I will add more photos soon !!! - promise!! }

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  1. Love it Zo, it sounds great!
    Getting a tad jealous here I must admit!

    Rach x